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Information Security's on-line membership application is constructed on a Secure Commerce Server. If you are using a forms-capable browser such as Netscape Navigator (v2.0 or higher), or Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.2.0 or higher), the information is encrypted while traveling over the Internet to help maintain security. User ID & Password: Once the on-line membership form has been completed, your User ID and Password will serve as your identification when placing bids online. These are the only pieces of identifying information that will ever need to be transmitted to us when making a bid. Note: Please keep your User ID and Password in a secure place. If you receive notification of a bid that you did not place, or any other suspicious communication, please notify Customer Service immediately at works with a third party that serves ads to this site. To find out more about how Flycast manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads on this site, please go to Flycast Privacy Commitment. - shop 123, save BIG
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