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BST Online Systems Help Desk

 Who are we?

BST Online Systems is one of the fastest growing online service providers on the Internet.

We provide services in online Auctions and Real Estate market.

We are based in Long Island, NY

What can you do at our location?

You can sell your old slow modem and buy a new state of the art modem.

You can sell your old house and buy a new house.

You can advertise your services through our location.

You can browse through products ON SALE at our auctions.

Remember that you PAY NOTHING if your product is not sold.

How does it work?

You become a registered member of BST Online Systems by simply filling out a registration form.

Secondly, you have to fill out an Account Membership form. There have been cases in the past that people have retracted back on their agreement. Having billing information in advance will help us enforce our agreements.

You can now start to bid on an ongoing bargain auction or place your product on sale by providing information through an AUCTION form.

Once a product has a winner, an electronic notification is sent to the Auction provider and the winner along with contact information about each other.

Each party then is responsible to contact one another to make further arrangements.

How much does it cost?

Classified and Real Estate services are absolutely FREE!

For Online Auctions, you pay nothing unless you sell your item!

Buyers do not pay anything, not even sales tax

If you do sell your item, you will be charged 5% of the sale cost, say you sold your item for $100/-, the cost to you is $5/- only.

There is some additional cost for making your product more marketable. For example:

Locating your picture at our site will cost you additional $1/- per 5K

Adding your promotion will cost you $10/- per month for all of your auctions, i.e., if you decide to take advantage of this feature and run 20 auctions, you will only pay $10/- per month

Adding your auction to our Hot Listing is an additional $.50/- only

Creating your own Virtual Garage Sale will cost you $5/- per month



8 Books
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